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This video is from Disc 3 of The Carman Ultimate Video Collection.
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Written by Yaipoo


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  1. @carman Licciardello I'm a big fan since I was in my teens your music was such a motivation and encouragement. It has blessed my life and now I'm sharing it with my family especially my 3 children. They love your videos. By any chance you have all your videos including this one like The Champion, Witches Invitation, all those on DVD? If not you should look into it. I have been looking and it's only on VHS. I really would like to purchase them. Praise God for servants like you that are out here fighting the good fight for our Lord. God continue to use and bless you!

  2. I just got this from Dr Chirrona, Wowwwe ! 

    ""Your praise, my praise, our praise combined, will "bind their kings with chains and their nobles with fetters of iron" (Psalm 149:8)."" AND I am putting my Praise on starting with making the devil eat dust right now 🙂 >>>

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