Female Singers: Bad Belts (Improper Technique)


Written by Yaipoo


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  1. I accidentally didn't read the "good examples"….so seeing my queens Mariah, Gaga, Yonce and Tori . The demon inside me was about to explode. Good thing i rewind

  2. We should really start differentiating between singers and entertainers. There were "singers" in this video from who I didn't even expect a good technique, as I don't even consider them as singers. No hate though, I enjoy both.

  3. i'm happy that ariana seems to be working on her bad belting technique, in 2019 she is supporting D5s, and the high larynx starts at F5, she's doing good on sweetener tour, but she needs a vocal coach to improve

  4. If you guys want an example of what will eventually happen to your voice after years and years of using bad techniques like this, just look at Paul McCartney. I love him to death and he’s a music legend, but he spent decades trying to imitate the likes of Little Richard in many Beatles songs and pretty much shouting in his own songs with his band Wings such as “Live And Let Die” and “Hi Hi Hi” that his voice is almost completely blown out now. He did tour after tour and didn’t take proper care of his voice and it shows. When you listen to Ringo’s voice compared to Paul’s, you can tell whose voice is in better shape and who used a better singing technique overall because Ringo’s is in better condition and they’re both in their 70s.

  5. Technically when the notes sound louder or In your words (shouted) it's because the singers are in the upper chords meaning that they're needing to sing louder to get the notes out

  6. Aren't rock singers supposed to have bad-sounding caterwauling technique? They say Barbra Streisand has perfect "support" but there's better clips you could have used. Nicole Sherzinger normally sounds far better than that. Maybe she had a cold on the day..? Good video, I like it.

  7. I felt pain watching these because it destroys your voice if you do it wrong. I lost my voice after doing too many belts incorrectly and had a long time before I could attempt doing another again.

  8. Technical speaking:
    1. Rachelle Ferrell, Barbara Streisand, Lisa Fischer

    2. The Vocal Trinity (MC, WH, CD), SoHyang, Aretha Franklin (Minnie Riperton, Patti LaBelle maybe?)

    3. Beyoncé Knowlee…

  9. Can you please do a video where the singers use proper technique and where they don’t , just to see and hear the comparison . Thank you 🙏🏽

  10. She isn't necessarily saying they always have a bad technique, just in these performances and probably some more (depending on the singer). So everyone needs to calm down.

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