DIY Concrete Table

UPDATE: link to steel legs:
Make your own concrete table at home!
Learn from my mistakes so that you can save time!
Tips: Use Plasticizer! can be bought here:
And vibrate more, that saves you from a lot of work. Use a different kind of sealer, if you wanna save time. (But then it might not be possible to get the structure that I got)
Cast some wood in it! It makes it much easier to fasten the legs.

UPDATE: I have been using the table for a month now, and it is no longer shiny. I could polish it again to get it back, but I will just leave it matt.


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  1. Very detailed explanation. And i like it when you are experimenting new technique and medium on behalf of us. The charred wax for darker tone is an accidental good idea. Overall, very well done!

  2. ola!
    Saudações brasileiras. Para não ficar bolhas você pode usar um tensoativo, se caso não tiver passe uma leve camada de detergente de cozinha.

  3. The reason that you had so many air bubbles was because of the slump of your slurry. You mixed a dry slurry, which promotes less leveling and pockets of air. The slurring should be more soupy, this reducing air pockets, bubbles. IMO

  4. Toi thay nguoi ta do mat ban cement vua xong. Mat ban con uot, ho rac pure cement len, xong lay bay cha nhe , mat ban min dep lien, khong ton nhieu cong vay, vi phai sua lai cho bi noi bong bong.

  5. Although honest, This is wayyyyy too much trouble. Lol. A slurry mix would’ve been fine to match up the holes, and a normal concrete sealer (or even a food safe, water based sealer) to get good results.

  6. Wow, thinking doing an outdoor table and think something like this would be perfect. But holy smoke, that seems like lot of hours went into it. Raw material seems to be pretty reasonable. If I got anything close to what you were able to achieve, I would be more than happy. Very nice finished piece.

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