Crystal Waters – Gypsy Woman (KAISER66 Remix)

Song: Crystal Waters – Gypsy Woman (1991)
Remixed by KAISER66

KAISER66 is formed by Johan Holmes and Dieter Twix. We love the early 90’s sounds, and we’re gonna get your ass on the dancefloor! We do not claim any copyrights to the original vocals, which are the only samples used from the original version.

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Written by Yaipoo


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  1. I love pumping this stuff today, a lot of the younger generation bops along, and it introduces them to some kick ass tunes from back then. It's a nice feeling, music is a very powerful tool for unity

  2. When this song first came out I went absolutely crazy over it. Tonight I was actually thinking about the song and pulled it up on youtube. I have found my favorite song for this season again. Crystal Waters you are the bomb. Where are you???

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