Can You Make a Canoe from Plywood? DIY Quick Canoe. Plywood Cheap Canoe Build

Plans for the Quick Canoe:
Link to Noah’s Marine:

Plans and epoxy were provided to me

I decided to make a cheap canoe, so I started looking around online. I found a few plans for making plywood canoes and finally settled on the Quick Canoe 155 designed by Michael Storer. Apparently it can be built in a week, however I took a lot longer than that, likely because I spent lots of time trying to make it look pretty 🙂

This is not a tutorial, more just a look at how I did things.

A couple things to note:
It is still possible to give multiple coats of epoxy even after the original coat of epoxy has fully cured, but it does mean that the first layer of epoxy will need to be sanded before recoating. THe wet on wet technique I used reduces sanding and improves surface smoothness.

The wood I used in the end was Fir, which, I have been told checks easily over time, and therefore might not be the best wood choice, however it was all I could find that was actually waterproof. It also was quite porous and soaked up a lot of epoxy when I was coating it, which would have made the final canoe a bit heavier.

I’m not sure if it was clear, but the outwales get dry fitted first and then when the glue is applied (probably better to apply it to the outwale than the side of the canoe) the outwale gets screwed back into the same holes.

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  1. Excellent! Mistakes and all! You could've edited and just started where you left off, but you didn't. That's appreciated! There's kindness and honesty in your voice and the canoe came out great!

  2. Well done, it turned out magnificent.Very impressed I must say. I have started to gather materials to have a go myself. I have wanted to do this build for a few years. Great video and advice. Thanks

  3. I would make two of those, a third larger one and rig them together to make a trimaran and make a mast and a small cuddy cabin for the center one then rig the sail on it

  4. I Love the Video … Good Job in the build … I could listen to you explaining stuff Like forever … It is funny but interesting and really Well on Point … Thanks

  5. Uh Dude, If I was gonna build something, with plywood, that goes in the water, I would've checked it out first to MAKE SURE IT RESIST WATER. Then if it works, go for it. If not, get better material. "Measure twice, Cut Once" also applys to making sure it'll work for what you're building it for. Epoxy nor polyurethane will work unless the wood is for a WATER PROJECT. (BUT WHY DIDN'T YOU KEEP THE OLD ONE AS A TEMPLATE?) It's called "PRESSURE TREATED" FOR THINGS THAT GOES IN THE GROUND AND IS WEATHER RESISTANT. THE CORRECT MATERIAL IS THE THING, BUT TO HAVE TO DO IT TWICE.

  6. And you begin your video by telling us you're not an experienced woodworker. Coulda fooled me. You really know your stuff. Excellent work, beautiful boat. Must be very rewarding!

  7. great job! I'm too old to start a project like that and never had the space when I was younger, but I did help my dad back in 1960 make a 12 ft flat bottom row boat that lasted for years through 6 kids and some grandkids. We also used it to haul lumber over 2 miles of water to build the cottage it was destined for. Home made. The way to go!

  8. I plan on doing the build too… thanks to your video… looking through Noahsmarine and have multiple options, don't know which products to pick based on your video. Any way we can get the exact list they supplied you with?

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