BTS DIY: Make Your Own Bts Photocard!🌿

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  1. Answering FAQ

    what if I don’t have a printer?
    you can try printing these at a public library or store if they allow it!!

    what can I use instead of contact paper?
    you can use clear tape or glue to add the gloss in your pc!

    what printer do you use?
    I use the HP ENVY 4520 If that helps 🙂

    what size did you put the photos when printing?
    I put the sizes as: 5.89×7.85

    why not use cardboard paper instead of paper?
    this diy was originally made for those who didn’t have cardboard paper so I used paper but you can use cardboard paper

    how do you get such HD photos?
    I usually get my photos from Pinterest and try to get the official bts photos as they’re more hd

    what type of paper are you using?
    normal plain paper

    how do you put the photos together?
    as shown in the video, I use picollage to merge my photos together

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  2. Tbh I also tried it like that once and I don’t like those kind.. I like those like.. um.. when u buy an album there’s like an photocard right?? How it feels like plastic.. I like those I’m sorry if I gutted ur feeling but i still like it!

  3. I had everything except straight hand. I can't cut those pictures in straight line and people would tell straight away that I'm printing it out😭😂

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