BTS DIY: Make Your Own BTS Banner!🌷

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  1. Answering FAQ

    what app did you use to make the banner?
    I used phonto to add the text on the banner, PicsArt to add the images onto the banner and pages to print out the banner

    what is the measurement you used for the banner?
    I used the size ‘IPhone x’ on phonto and it is the same as 2436×1125

    what can I use instead of contact paper?
    You could use clear sticky tape or apply glue to the banner instead of using contact paper. If you’re adding glue to the contact paper, make sure to let it dry before using it!

    how do you get the images with no background?
    I got my images off PicsArt, you can search the picture you want on the ‘stickers’ section. Another option is to search ‘picture you want’ then ‘png’

    can I use the design you made?
    Yes you can! I attached a link to this comment so feel free to use the design I made. (If you are uploading an image/video etc. on the banner with my design, please credit me!🙈)

    what do font did you used?
    I used the font ‘beauty and the beast’ and pressed ‘{‘ and ‘[‘ to get the brackets on the sides!

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  3. Hi! i like so much your video! but i have a problem, the first time that i used the font it worked but the second time didn't work… i don't know why… the font in korean are the same like other font, i don't understand why the first time worked and now don't. do you know how to do? sorry for my english 🙁

  4. do you know a good way to mass doing stuff?? I’m going to give some banners away at the upcoming concerts and need a way to print a bunch of my designs. 🥺

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