Top 6 HARDEST Vocals Even Original Singers CAN'T SING Live

Ariana Grande Christina Aguilera, Demi Lovato, Kesha, Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston… Famous Singers dodging struggling to high notes and expectations compilation

Everything About Fail or Epic Moment

Written by Yaipoo


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  1. For Ariana grande she it’s not that she can’t hit that note she just replaces it with extra high notes and or runs and sometimes she hits G#5 in a different place anyway.

  2. Ariana doesnt dodge the note, it is just because it's an adlib in the original song, she can't sing both the main melody and the adlib that's all about it

  3. Who cares if a note live is 2 notes different. Can’t we just appreciate talent. Enjoy the music and atmosphere that’s out there for everyone. Everything in a studio is different than live. But what’s GOOD IS GOOD. Quit the nick picking seriously. Sad that people live for this crap.

  4. Demi has the range but I think before hitting up this notes she can definitely reach, she needs to learn how to actually sing and belt, her technique is… no she has no technique. My humble opinion.

  5. MC its unfair we dont have acess to all her lives during the Fantasy Era and she propably did it several times i mean what is a F5 to the owner of music industry

  6. I love most of the singers in this video, but it breaks my heart a bit to see a bunch of people hit those notes in their livingroom, filming a cover for youtube hoping to someday be heard because they can actually do what these singers can’t.

    Edit: Not me though, I sing like a goat giving birth to a porcupine. Just FYI.

  7. I'm pretty sure Ariana can hit G#5 live she did that plenty times and I always kinda have really high notes in mind when thinking of Ariana 😂 since that's her thing kinda

    And for Mariah… For real she can even sing higher than the note your looking for

  8. Think about it, hitting such a high note could cause them to lose their voice, and when preformed live usually means they have other places to go and preform. They don’t want to waste their voice. It could cost them, so with a little bit of auto tune may help. But they’re all very, very talented.

  9. how do i learn what my voice note is?! how do i learn and see which category is mine? lol?? since every voice is different how to you know which is what.. dont know bout these things :'D

  10. fuck this bullshit, doesnt it say enough that they cant even hit their own "Sang" notes?! all pop music is thrash and should be banned. who ever thinks autotune is talent are fck stupid

  11. Oh hey, I saw Demi at an iHeartRadio concert. It was a winter event, with a bunch of singers. She didn’t dodge any of the notes during that one, but it may have been before Stone Cold was released.

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