Pencil Holder With Glitter Paper And Plastic Bottle | Foam-sheet Craft Ideas

collect your spacious pen in your beautiful pen holder. The pen holder is a very useful can carry your all beautiful pen in your beautiful pen holder. collect your all pens in one can use it easily. you can use a pen holder also for the gift. gift your friend your sister pen holder you all pens safe in one place.
we all use a pen. Today’s life pen is a very important thing for every human being. There are lots of categories of the pen like green, blue, black etc. There are lots of sparkle pens. students use all types of pens. In school from third std students starting work with pens. small students have very craze to work with a pen.they always take her fathers, elder brother, sister pens and write and write something with pens.
every color pen has its own importance. students use the blue color pen for writing. Teachers use the red color pen for checking. we use the black color pen to fill all types of forms. Principal use a green color pen for signature. so all the pens are very important and the pen holder is also very important in our homes in the school’s office, clerical office, banks and all types of offices where they use a pen.
From ART STUDIO in this video make a pen holder with a form sheet we are using two-color of sheets red or pink. that is a very simple idea for making a pen holder. we need cardboard, red or pink form sheet, glue gun, empty bottle or some stones. firstly I cut heart shape with cardboard and apply a red form sheet on that and then making a rose flower with a form sheet. take an empty bottle and apply the pink color of the form sheet on that. take cardboard for the base also cover with the form sheet. apply all things on base cardboard.
roses apply on heart shapes and hold all pens in your beautiful pen holder. That is a very simple and cheap idea.
This summer you make a beautiful pen holder.
ART STUDIO wishes you all for summer vacations. enjoy your summer vacation for making with beautiful pen holder and also other craft work.

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