Korean Ballads – Kpop Playlist

Korean Ballads – Kpop Playlist

(00:00:00) Kassy – Take My Hand
(00:03:40) Shin Yong Jae – You Whom I Love
(00:06:50) Yang Yoseop – On The Road
(00:11:01) Park Boram – Will be fine
(00:14:51) Park Won – Try
(00:19:08) SiWon – Only You
(00:23:26) 10cm – Stalker
(00:27:38) Yesung – Here I am
(00:32:05) K.Will – Growing
(00:35:58) 4men – Break up in the morning
(00:40:39) Eric Nam – Shower
(00:45:07) AKMU – Eyes, nose, lips
(00:48:13) Punch – Why Why Why
(00:51:27) Urban Zakapa – When we were two
(00:54:43) Noel – Our last day
(00:59:16) Park Won – Down
(01:03:16) BTS ft. Steve Aoki – The trueth untold
(01:07:15) Roy Kim – Stay
(01:10:58) The Rose – She´s in the rain
(01:14:57) Gaho – Stay Here

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  1. My boyfriend always sings k-ballads for me, and every time he's not with me, I'm listening to this playlist. There are some of his favourite songs. :))

  2. I cant understand what they're saying but the song on 13:20 made me cry… I'm having a hard time so much… I want to seek help… Please tell me there's always hope on everything…. I did a mistake and I feel like Im so useless idk what to do i feel like i did the worst thing in my life….

  3. I am not able to understand the language being an Bengali.but it is raining outside .I just wished to listen soft songs in other language.and after listening this l
    Am in love with these musics.

  4. Finaly found a playlist who isn't only composed of kpop bands don't get me wrong they are great but solo korean artist are often way better when it comes to emotional songs

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