DIY Blinged Out Snowman

In this DIY Blinged Out Snowman, I take a Snowman styrofoam form and hot glue bling that I had from Totally Dazzled all over the form. Next I take a Blinged Out ornament from the Dollar Tree and use it as his hat. Next I add sticks for his arms to make a beautiful Snowman for my Christmas decor. I show how easy and inexpensive it is to decorate your home for Christmas.

Written by Yaipoo


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  1. Is there a reason you are looking into your view finder instead of the camera? Because you are looking off to the side and not at us. Just wondering, not trying to be mean. Love your channel!

  2. Great idea but the eyes are to low and the mouth doesn't look like a mouth just buttons stuck on should have a snowman nose please don't take offence on my comments I love your ideas

  3. I love bling and snowmen. I have been looking for glam snowmen. I have found it. Thanks for your inspiration. I can not wait to make it and share photos.

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