DIY Backyard Garden Pond

The pond build is finally here! I’ve been talking about this for months and thought that it would have been done about a month ago, but the whole thing is just so time consuming, especially with the weather we’ve been having. Like I said in the video, this has been going on since October of 2018 and was just a concept long before that. The whole reason that I even built this is for my goldfish, so stocking in non-negotiable… other than more goldfish lol (4 won’t be enough).

This is only the first part of a few video series and I hope it gives you a good idea as to what’s possible outside the realm of naturalistic ponds. Obviously that’s what we all want, but sometimes it’s just not feasible because of cost. Even though it’s not the same type of thing, these kind of ponds can still be beautiful in their own sort of way. Plus you can create a good home for your beloved fish, which is often what it’s all about.

There’s so much more I could say, but the video should be able to do most of the talking. If you have any specific questions or want to see something else in the next installment, please let me know down in the comments. This one took forever, so I really hope you enjoy it.

Also a huge thanks for Oase for supplying the pumps! It was a huge burden off of me and was really appreciated. I’m using the Waterfall Pump 1650 for the skimmer and will be using AquaMax Eco Premium 3000 for the rest. I’ll talk more about those in the next video and put some links below.

If you have any comments, suggestions or questions, leave them down in the comments! Also for additional content like this, photos of my terrariums, projects sneak peeks and more, follow me on Instagram @SerpaDesign.

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  1. The pond is finally here! I'm so excited to finally get this out there. I really hope you all enjoy it. Let me know what you thought thus far and if there's anything you want to see in the next installments.

  2. Quick Question Serpa! About the fire bellied toad paludarium, I am trying to build a tank like this, but I am curious about the land area. Aren't you worried about your ABG mix rotting due to not having a drainage layer? Without it, how has the layer been going?

  3. Very nice. I just have a 30 gal "pond" on my deck. This is inspiring to build a back yard pond. I'm just dreading the digging!

  4. Thank you for sharing this video, this is just awesome!! It does take a lot of time and work to create a pond…and you will find yourself putting a bit here and another plant there, even when you eventually finish the project 🙂 It would be fantastic sitting there, relaxing listening to the water. Looking forward to seeing your fish released into this fantastic new home that you have built for them and the lovely plants. Have a great day 🙂

  5. I have really been wanting to put a pond in my backyard (since I can't fit anymore fish tanks in my house). I have watched your videos for so long and you have inspired me to make so many terrariums and aquascapes. I have been browsing YouTube for like two weeks trying to find a DIY tutorial that wasn't an absolute bore to watch or didn't include things that only professionals could get hold of. I'm so excited you made this video! I have showed so many of my friends your channel and I want to thank you for doing what you do!

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