DIY Antique Paper Tutorial – Vintage Documents, Labels and Prints – Make your scenes even more authentic by enhancing the details…like having vintage and antique documents, prints, id’s and labels for all your creepy creations!

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  1. I can’t believe how good they all came out. The diploma was over the top good. Also your video quality and sound quality are exceptional. You’ve come so far. I’ve always enjoyed your content but now the editing quality matches your content quality. I’m blown away. Great job. 👍


  2. I did essentially the same process for a project in high school. I made a newspaper from the French Revolution detailing the days events. I hand wrote the entire thing in calligraphy and hand drew a picture of a guillotine. I was very proud of it. I got an A but never took a picture- that was like 15 years ago before we had good quality phone cameras.

  3. My specemins are displayed under a blacklight. I fill my jars with water and a yellow highlighter nib or piece of the ink sponge from inside the tube. It makes my stuff glow, and adds a touch of creep to my pickled eyeballs. I'm just missing some good labels, TFS.

  4. This is great! These types of tutorials are good for anyone. Horror and spooky lovers as well as normal crafters. Great video. Thanks a bunch for sharing this. So much fun. I just taught my kids to tea stain regular computer paper and they are making old treasure maps with it. Really fun for kids and adults alike.
    I'm trying to make a copy of the book of shadows from the practical magic movie as well as potion bottles and this will help alot. I would love to see a potion bottle tutorial from you. That would be a fun watch.

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