James O’Brien couldn’t stop laughing at this caller’s terrible take on Boris Johnson The Poke

Opinions are divided on whether Boris Johnson was right to miss Channel 4’s leadership hopefuls’ debate, with some suggesting he didn’t need to turn up as he’s so far in the lead, whilst others believe a potential PM should be open to every scrutiny. The team behind his bid for power will certainly be relieved that he’s missed out on the opportunity to use the word “piccaninny” or any homophobic slurs.

This caller to LBC, Richard, was very much of the opinion that Johnson was right to swerve the debate, but he was equally convinced that presenter James O’Brien had made comments that simply hadn’t happened.

“He was very aware that he would have been criticised, as you are now criticising all the people who attended …”, said Richard to the man who had specifically declined to criticise any of the debaters as he hadn’t seen the broadcast. When pressed for an example, of course he couldn’t find one, so he doubled down on the accusations, which only amused Mr. O’Brien.

“Stop talking over me, you rude man!”

After becoming bored with Richard’s refusal to answer the question, James cut him off and made this observation:

“If you are now so morally and intellectually compromised that you’re pretending that not turning up is somehow a sign of anything other than cowardice, then you end up appearing on national radio and making a complete muppet of yourself.”

Here are a couple of reactions from Twitter.

This tweeter reluctantly supported Boris Johnson’s decision.

Much like Manchester City, Johnson is on the blue team, often plays away, and some people think he’s bought the premiership.

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