9 Minutes Of Unbelievable Moments CAUGHT ON VIDEO!

Incredible and spectactular moments

Written by Yaipoo


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  1. Well I was going through my my I'm losing my mind I realized my mind my mind mine I have a mind oh my gosh stop I know it was mine so this this moment is mine nevermind

  2. I'm really not trying to be a smart ass, but aren't you supposed to stake down tents. It seems to me if they were properly staked to the ground they would not be flying away.

  3. At 6:20 I was thinking, “The guy in the orange shirt really should put his arm down.” : / At 6:30 I assume that’s due to wind? Damn! I wish they had gone & talked to the driver, & filmed it.

  4. only thing unbelievable is you thinking you could get away wit h this shite video left write goodnight as you were Tony Deacon xox ps ill find you for wwasting 10 mintures of my life ffs my wife iss a deacon shell put a curse on you back to the sims i guess gonna get my simmos to have an orgy lol

  5. Cool video except for the tortuous 30 seconds I had to listen to the Stoner guy high as a kite literally watching the magical umbrellas flying in the sky. Of course to us they were umbrellas flying to the stoner that was the best damn trip he ever had…

  6. moron 1) what are these little plastic stakes for.  Moron 2) they just look pretty, now the tents up so let go do some drugs and get dumber.

  7. Kyunki Main Joker speed Mein ja rahi hai iska Koi break Ho Gaya Nahin Laga Tanhai Karke gadi Shuru hui hai isliye aapko lag raha hai dusri kar wahan se Paida Ho Gayi

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