Michelle Heaton opens up on mum shame after being filmed calming her five year old son down during anxiety attack

Michelle Heaton has opened up on being shamed by strangers after being filmed trying to calm her children down in public.

The 39 year old is mum to seven year old daughter, Faith, and five year old son, AJ.

Former Liberty X singer Michelle recently had a tricky public situation when both of her children with personal trainer husband Hugh Hanley burst into tears in the street.

As she tried to calm them down, a stranger stopped her to give her opinion. Michelle then realised a group of women were filming the scenario.

Michelle Heaton has opened up on being mum-shamed

Speaking exclusively to new! magazine, Michelle explained that AJ suffers with anxiety and was hit by an attack at the time.

She said: “Because he can’t wear his glasses when he plays football, he got upset about going to practice. Something happened in him and he just couldn’t calm down.

“It’s difficult when that happens. He hyperventilates, he cuddles me and then he goes into the corner and it just goes on forever. I know not to ignore it, but equally I have to let him ride it out.

“So AJ was having a breakdown, he couldn’t catch his breath, then Faith started picking her nose and that started bleeding, so there was blood all down her top, which made her upset, and I was crouching there looking like I couldn’t handle it!

Michelle shares seven year old Faith and five year old AJ with husband Hugh Hanley
Michelle shares seven year old Faith and five year old AJ with husband Hugh Hanley

Michelle's son AJ suffers with anxiety
Michelle’s son AJ suffers with anxiety

“All the while I was aware that people could hear my children screaming. I was crouching down trying to comfort them, and then a woman came up to me and said, ‘I’m so happy it’s not just us normal people who have problems with their children – you have no idea how happy that’s made me,’ and walked off!

“Look, I know she didn’t mean it in a bad way, so I just swallowed it. But then I digested it and thought, ‘That’s not cool.’ What gives someone the right to say that to me? Of course I’m normal, I’m just trying to calm my boy down. I wasn’t shouting and I wasn’t panicking.

“Anyway, four girls were hanging about watching all of this and filming it. I’m disappointed I did it, but I still meant what I said. I said, ‘How dare you watch and judge me? If you guys ever have the pleasure of having children, see how you like it if someone judges you for dealing with your son’s anxiety attack. You’d be distraught. So thank you very much.’ Then I probably said something a bit horrible – but I won’t repeat it. ”

Read Michelle's full interview in new! magazine
Read Michelle’s full interview in new! magazine

When asked if she was filmed because of her celebrity status, Michelle pondered: “Maybe. I know what comes with the territory of being in the public eye. I’ve taught Faith about it. At school she and her friends are aware of what I do, so ‘famous’ is a word that gets knocked about a lot. People do recognise me but in that situation how am I wrong for not wanting them to film me?

“I got really upset. So that’s where the Twitter rant came from. When it comes to being judged as a parent, it’s hard when people have opinions. I try my best. And I struggle. And it’s hard to get the balance. I’m the best mother that I can be. The last thing I want is to be judged.”

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