Ed Sheeran – Supermarket Flowers (Music Video)

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  1. Thank you all for the beautiful comments and a special thank to the people who are sharing parts of their lives, feeling so comfortable here under this video and telling us their losses. That's what music is suppost to be, connection between people who don't even know each other. Ed Sheeran is a living legend.

  2. I used these lyrics for my mother's funeral 13 weeks ago. Ed Sheeran hit home with his song. I keep coming back to it because it really says it all. He's the best.

  3. such a beautiful song for two youngs lady right now at this moment ,,, it couldnt be no more perfect than this thank you ed sheeran, hopefully this song will show some comfort in 1 of these young lady who lost her best friend a couple days ago way too young to die. xoxo chelsea nicole smith you will always be remembered peace girl

  4. This song is just heartbreaking and beautiful at a level I cannot explain.
    The best song of Ed Sheeran.

    It is nostalgia. To miss someone.
    It is your best friend ever.
    It is your grandparents.
    Your mum or your dad.
    Your brother or your sister.
    Your lover.

    It is feelings, emotional bonds, sadness, happyness, love, memories and tears. Lot of tears.

  5. All I can Say is WOW, that's a very painful, poetically beautiful way to give the strongest person in most of our lives a meaningful tribute. Love you mom, hope your around many more yrs to come.

  6. Eileen Hutchinson age 99 passed away and today her family said goodbye.

    I'm one of almost 50 of children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and greatgreat grandchildren.

    The world is a smaller place without you and this song will be I. The hearts of your children.

    Rest in peace Grandma look after your great granddaughter Winter until I join you all.

    Love Christopher. Xxx

  7. My Nan died from brain tumour cancer she was a legend who tried her hardest to get through it i am so grateful for how long she was alive they said it would be 3 months she lived for 1 year and 4 months I loved her I still do I miss her I have so many memories of me and her

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