Accounting for Beginners #1 / Debits and Credits / Assets = Liabilities + Equity

This is a great Accounting tutorial for the Basics of Accounting for beginners. The easiest way to keeps debits and credits, and Assets = Liabilities + Equity ( Accounting Equation) straight. This is how i passed the CPA Exam to become a licensed CPA in the State of Florida. You can use the information in the video on your first day of Accounting class all the way tho being a CPA. Debits, Credits, Assets, Draw, Expenses, Liabilities, Equity, Revenue. This video has a very basic example and can be used in the most advanced situations. Learn Debits and Credits and the basic accounting equation which is assets = liabilities + equity. This will also help with the income statement which is Revenues – Expenses. I hope you enjoy the video. In this video i go over journal entries. Get your tips here in this accounting for beginners video. There is also information on the balance sheet here in this video. I also go over Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Depreciation, Accumulated Depreciation, Putting Assets on the books, Fifo and Lifo Inventory Valuation, and so much more in this series for beginners.

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Accounting For Beginners #1 Debits and Credits / Assets = Liabilities + Equity

Accounting For Beginners #2 Basics / Accounting Equation

Accounting For Beginners #3 Journal Entries / Beginner Tips

Accounting For Beginners #4 Income Statement / Revenue – Expenses

Accounting For Beginners #5 The Balance Sheet / Basic Tutorial

Accounting For Beginners #6 Putting an Asset on the Balance Sheet

Accounting For Beginners #7 Depreciating an Asset / Basics

Accounting For Beginners #8 Depreciation Expense / Basics

Accounting For Beginners #9 Accounts Receivable / Basics

Accounting For Beginners #10 Accounts Payable / Basics

Accounting For Beginners #11 Fifo and Lifo Inventory / Basics

Accounting For Beginners #12 1 Journal Entry With 2 Assets / Basics

Accounting For Beginners #13 Accounting Study Guide / Template

Accounting For Beginners #14 Journal Entry with Cash / Expense

Accounting For Beginners #15 Journal Entry With Cash / Revenue

Accounting For Beginners #16 Debits & Credits / Negative Asset

Accounting For Beginners #17 T-Accounts / Debits and Credits / Accounting 101

Accounting For Beginners #18 What is a Draw? / Withdraw / Distribution / Dividend / Equity

Accounting for Beginners #19 Don’t Abbreviate / Accounting 101 / Basics

Accounting For Beginners #20 Chart of Accounts / Assets, Liabilities, Equity, Revenues, Expenses

Accounting For Beginners #21 T Account Example / Accounting Tutorial

Accounting For Beginners #22 Trial Balance Unadjusted / Accounting Basics

Accounting For Beginners #23 Cash in a Bank Account / Checking Account / Basic Accounting

Accounting For Beginners #24 Does The Transaction Increase Assets / Accounting Basics

Accounting for Beginners #25 Accounts Receivable Example / Accounting 101 / Accounting Basics

Accounting For Beginners #26 Reducing Accounts Receivable / We got Paid / Accounting basics
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#Accounting #Exercise #CPA

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  1. THANK YOU! Right into intermediate accounting. I really enjoy it but find the debit credit thing confusing. When I debit my checking account, the cash in it decreases not increases! So now If I can just remember and this for my test Monday. So ADE increases with a debit and LER increases with a credit.


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  3. Thinking about going into Accounting for college and came across your video. I will be keeping this in mind from day one to forever. Thank you for your help! ❤️

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