This is just my personal perspective as a Japanese person living in Japan based on the people I’ve talked with, the Japanese media and things I often see in Japan. I’m sure there’re many many Japanese girls who are not categorized into any of them. And I’m sure it’s totally different from foreigners’ views on Japanese girls.

【Challenge: The Video should be “10” minutes “10” seconds】
Since this video is “10” types of Japanese, I needed to make it happen without making the video too awkward. It was so difficult for me to make the video be just exactly the length of time. But at the same time, I’ve actually enjoyed the challenge. Wow, I can’t believe I made it. Relieved.

A big thanks to a British friend for giving me the exciting challenge.
More challenges, the more motivation in life.

– Nobita from Japan


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  1. 【Challenge: The Video should be "10" minutes "10" seconds】A British friend gave me the challenge.
    【Mistake】Sorry, I thought "homely" means a good homemaker. Sometimes, English doesn't make any sense..

  2. I hope to make it to Japan one day as I find Japanese women very gorgeous. I see many here in Vancouver and god their beautiful. My mom's cousin taught English in Osaka Japan.

  3. While some parts could be from any country , it was interesting from a social aspect . From a local not an outsider . 🙂 I think you made clear points on the differences between the types of ladies . You have such a variety .
    You are correct , 'homely ' does mean a good home maker in English , for some reason that has been downgraded to 'dowdy ' or boring 🙂
    Loved it all , lots of laughs with a serious side 🙂

  4. These types of girls are everywhere around the world. So to me, it is useless to classify the girls under some classes. Every culture has girls like wannabe housewife, foreigner hunters, business ones etc. Just be yourself and use your experiences before dating with a Japanese girl.

  5. So the first type of Japanese girl is basically Joe Rogan, except not funny, not intelligent, no podcast, doesn’t do Brazilian Jiujitsu, and doesn’t smoke weed.

    Just stick with Joe Rogan, he’s still best Japanese girl. Fight me.

  6. However, isn't it also possible that "Gaijin hunters' are actually just attracted to non-Japanese people? Just as with the case of what is known as 'yellow fever," some people are just attracted to them because they find them attractive.

  7. I love the information you divulged and found you quite enjoyable to watch and understand. I enjoyed my time in Kyoto and Tokyo many years ago. I wish I can go back there sometime soon. I deem ya worthy of a sub and notifications turned on.

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