DIY: Floral Garden Boxwood Backdrop Tutorial!! Great for parties!!

(two 1/4 plywood cut into dimensions 40x80inches)
Illusion Cord:
Staple Gun:
Boxwood Panels: (need 16 panels; order 2 sets)

Name Sign:
Floral Garlands:

For business Inquiries:

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Written by Yaipoo


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  1. I love this! Great job.
    I have two types of boxwood- green and the ones with white tips. Only issue for me is reusability. If they are staples to the plywood I can’t reposition the panels to make the backdrop different sizes. I have enough panels for. 10×8 backdrop, but next weekend (for instance) I was asked for a 10×6’ backdrop. I don’t know how I’d reconcile making an 8×8’ or different size. I imagine once they’re stapled to the plywood they are not easily removed. Is that correct!?

  2. Girl! I’m 2 seconds in and I’m like yessss LET ME SEE. I can’t wait to seee 😩😂😂😂& THEN I see the girls comment about $400 but I’m still going to watch 😂

  3. $432 is too much. It’s possible to rent it cheaper than that. Save money on spray paint as that wasn’t needed since the grass covered it. Instead of plywood, save money and get styrofoam sheets. It’ll be easier to staple the grass into and you can prick the flowers into the foam than staple on top of the grass. I made a 8×4 white rose wall for $50. If I did 2 panels, it’d be $100. Purchase flowers from the $1 store or at Michaels when it’s on sale!

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