Professional Boxers Review Boxing Movies

Which boxing movies are real? Which are fake? Mike and Kenny from Church Street Boxing are here to show you which movies stick the closest to REAL boxing technique.

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Mike Hughes: @hughesin
Kenny Ocean: @schoolboy_kash


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Mike Hughes

Kenny Ocean

Written by Yaipoo


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  1. Michael seemed a little too entitled, but he tells it like it is, alright. I can respect that. The way he tells it just strikes me as a little annoying. Maybe it's just the pitch in his voice and how he tries to yell at the camera like he's verbally trying to fight the audience.

  2. To be honest, the rocky/creed series was never really meant to be a "boxing movie". Boxing was just the metaphor that stallone used to promote the real purpose behind the story. For a side note, Earnie Shavers was supposed to be the original Clubber Lang in Rocky III, so the fact that the hardest hitting heavyweight according to Muhammed Ali, tried out for the part, says something.

  3. great review but i'm missing SOUTHPAW review i found it realistic;-) would love 2 hear your thoughts.. anyway loved the experts review …greetz from the Netherlands Amsterdam

  4. I would have preferred to see a reaction to Rocky IV because Stallone and Dolph Lundgren actually boxed in parts of their fight scene and Sylvester Stallone was actually hospitalized for four days due to a swollen heart from a series of chest shots from Dolph Lundgren

  5. I love Creed, but it does look like they did pad-work as the choreography.
    I think Raging Bull's fighting is crappy, but DeNiro actually learned how to box and even had three amateur matches. So props there.
    Rocky, you can tell they're whiffing it, but it also looked the least choreographed and in many ways the realest despite the obvious fact they aren't hitting.
    Ali was really well done and Smith moved like Ali really well.
    MDB was entirely okay, but nothing really stands out either.

  6. If your gonna review a stallone film it shouldve been rocky balboa he himself is critical of his first films.balboa was his best work creed doesnt come close.

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