SECRET Hidden Places People Found In Their Homes

top 10 amazing discoveries in houses
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You might think that you know your house like the back of your hand, but so did a lot of people we’ll be featuring in our video. You’d be surprised at the people who found secret rooms hidden right in their homes. Some people are even lucky enough to find valuables! One man found two steamer trunks filled with family mementos that he was fortunate enough to be able to pass on to the rightful owner. A couple in Rome found something of enormous religious significance hidden right in plain sight in their apartment.

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  1. My family and I have been living in this house for about three years and we found a little trap door at the top of my parents closet but nobody has been up there yet I'm hoping it's a sh*t load of money.

  2. That reminds me, there are four little doors in my house. One in my parent's bedroom, one in the kitchen, one in the mudroom, and one under the house. I don't know what they are for.

  3. After watching this video I really don't want to go to my attic that I've never seen because of previous owners left broken Barbie dolls and SpongeBob toys are six feet under literally under the ground

  4. I would build a secret computer lab so that when today's computers become obsolete my great nieces' generation or later finds technological history!

  5. Jesus, do your research. You're info about the Winchester house is off. The medium told Mrs.Winchester that the ghosts would come for her if she ever stopped renovations on the house. That's why it's still unfinished!!!!

  6. 4235 camp lane amarillo tx ….virginia anne smith……gary bell helicopter lisa eye doctor office? Oh kent not sure ask…..emmy lou the e.m.t. Amarillo….the Elvis Presley wedding in vegas…..dana and brian lindsay of course went…..hey brian you still growling….howz keri

  7. Does anyone know where I can find a currency dog? My grandparents recently died and one of them was a maniac and we're not sure of how to find the cash in the bigger house, you know? I cannot believe that cash finders aren't invented. Maybe an infrared imaging device could help, I suppose

  8. Why do people have to give half of their stuff when divorcing?

    I read somewhere that it is the family’s but the man paid for it all. The woman should prove what she should have that if he didn’t have a wife wouldn’t have had

  9. I'll be ripping the back wall out of my back bedroom closet. There isn't a whole room back there but there may be something behind the wall. One day I was pulling a nail out that was holding a shelf in the closet. The hammer poked a hole into the wall which told me it was drywall. The whole rest of the closet and the whole rest of the house has plaster over plaster board. Even the back wall of the front bedroom closet is plaster. So I'm just wondering what happened that the back wall of that closet that it was replaced. Was it damaged or is something hidden in there? Only way to find out is to rip that wall out. Luckily I'm capable of doing these things on my own and I will put a plaster wall back in there when I'm done.

  10. In a hotel I opened this door and there was another door it was locked but I heard noices inside there.

    It was me and my cousin that found it I thought it was just a person from a hotel.

  11. There’s a mansion in DC that could be on this list; it’s called the mansion on O street. It used to be 3 row houses but the woman who owned it first knocked the walls down separating the row houses, making it a mansion. She also created a bunch of secret rooms in the mansion. In other words, you should always check to see if a bookshelf or mirror hides a door if you decide to go there. Oh, and it’s also a hotel now, and it’s a museum

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