DIY Diva Ring Light | Under $25

DIY Diva Ring Light for under $25! This DIY is great for film makers and you tubers. You can make your own ring light instead of spending 200+ on a Diva Ring light. I got all of my supplies from Walmart and it took me less than an hour to make.

This ring light really made a huge difference while recording videos. My lighting has changed dramatically and this is the best DIY that I could’ve made.

Green Wire Wreath:

LED Lights:


🎥How I stand my DIY Diva Ring Light:

L I N K S !
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  1. Love the content of this presentation.
    Brilliant girl.
    Honestly you should Register this design for copyright. You can make hell of money in turning it into large production as this is very effective and much cheaper than any alternative.
    Well done and Way To Go. You have one more subscriber.

  2. omg thank you soooooooo very much i thought that i was going to have to buy a 60 ring light . i bought a 26 dollar one last month and the delivered it to the wrong address and they didnt tell me and just gave me my money back. now i dont have to but my question is what do you hang it on? i need to know because im going to do the same thing.

  3. Thanks for guiding me in making my ring light. Your video was closest to what I wanted. I followed your steps! I'm newer to Youtube. I recorded my project experience too and thanked you on it. Hope you can check it out. I welcome your feedback. You're great! I'm now subscribed!

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