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Hey guys!! So today I’m back with another back to school video. You really seem to like the last one so today I bring you some organizing and decorating ideas for the school season.

Check out HelloMaphie’s video:

First I will show you a really easy way to decorate binders. For that, you need a plain binder and some fake flowers. Start off taking a piece of paper of the same size as your binder. Arrange your fake flowers on the paper and make any design you want, but make sure you use flowers that are flat like daisies or sunflowers. Then just glue them down with some hot glue and place this into the plastic cover.

There are many designs you can make. Here I wrote my subject in a piece of paper, then, I cut the edge of some cardstock with these scissors, glued that together and place it on the middle of the paper. Then I just arranged my flowers and glued them down again.

For the second idea just place a piece of paper on a clipboard or a frame or something similar and arrange some sticky notes the way you want. Outline them with a pencil, take them out and decorate the lines with a marker. You can also add a title and decorate it as much as you want.

Then put the sticky notes back and write all the thing you need to do and you don’t want to forget. You can even write your shopping list and take the sticky note with you the day you go shopping.

For the third idea you will need some wooden cubes like this ones. This DIY is incredibly simple, just paint the cubes in any colors you want with some acrylic paint, let them dry and then start writing the numbers of the calendar. One of the cubes should have the numbers from 1 to six, and the other one 7,8,9 and then 0,1,2. For the months draw a line in all the sides of the cube and write the first three letters of the month. Do it in pairs as you can see in the video. And for the week days, write the first three letters of each one on each side, except the last side that will have both Saturday and Sunday.

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  1. what am I even doing here. i don't decorate my desk… unless the empty glasses and plates from my evening snacks count

  2. You're so original and i really like you re diy's but i really to watch the video without the sound because the way you pronounce the words is annoying as hell
    and no i'm not trying to be mean or something

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