Carreno Busta vs Kei Nishikori Final Set Tie Break HD

Incredible Final Set Tie break between Carreno Busta und Kei Nishikori.
Carreno Busta got robbed by the umpire. Nishikori hits the ball after the ”Out Call”. The umpire
decided to give the point to Nishikori instead of replaying the point as the Rule says. Check at
9:20 min.

Written by Yaipoo


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  1. A match for the ages people if you understand TENNIS. Neither player will top this their finest GS moment. Why did you edited out Carreno Busta's massive career ending out burst at the end of the match? Since that out burst he went into a free fall.

  2. Thats why I don't like Spaniard tennis players…. they are all f**king cheaters… they all moan and make irritating grunts after hitting the ball to clearly in the intention of distracting the opponent's focus during the point… New rules should be such that, any one grunting above a particular decibel should be called a foul and point awarded to the opponent.

  3. I mean carreno busta was being kinda cheap there. First of all, the official ATP rules state that umpire judgement is prioritised in situations like this, second of all, he knew he should have lost the point. The out call came after he had already started moving crosscourt.

  4. Busta would have lost the point anyway, he ran to the far side of the court because he thought kei was gonna hit there, so he loses, if it was out, he loses, also kei hits it before the call for out, so even if the linesman did throw busta off, then kei would've got the point, also also this shows why you don't lose concentration at any time during the point if that is his argument

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  6. While I agree that the umpire made the correct call, there should be a rule in place that forces the umpire to tell the player beforehand that an overruled challenge will not overturn the call, and that even if corrected, the point outcome will not change. Otherwise, there is no point in using the challenge; you're just causing a player to potentially waste a challenge.

  7. I don't agree with the description. Kei won the game by keeping it cool, amazing how he did it. I have not seen any other Kei's match, but that guy has a character, he kept it cool and did amazing. Both the players are amazing, but Carreno drama showed he is bit inferior.

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