BEST OF THE WEEK – Cheese Please

Goodbye May and hello summer. We know you have been waiting all week for the Best Of The Week. This we a serious case of llama drama, a kung fu bear, and a salad with a surprise. You don’t want to miss the surprise. Enjoy!

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Written by Yaipoo


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  1. Ugh. I have to agree with everyone. First off – wow, that music is sooooo bad, and second – fire whomever decided those editing choices were a good idea. You have made these videos annoying and anything but entertaining. I had to shut it off as well. This was your worst effort yet. Damn.

  2. Can you just go back to showing the clips without editing, its easyer for you and actually enjoyable for us! This Music and Editing is makeing it unwatchable!!

  3. Alright we told you about the dumb music, and you fixed it. Now you added something even more annoying. Replays. Fire your editors. This is horrible. I'm not going to continue watching this channel if ya'll keep tampering with videos in such retarded and unnecessary ways. Get rid of the replays, don't add your music, and keep the videos the way they are.

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