1950s Fashion Is Not What You Think It Is

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  1. I feel like at this point Karolina could be like “The fashion you wore yesterday IsNt WhAT yOu tHiNK”
    And I’d b like “Oh damn you’re right” 🤣

  2. the petticoats were more for girls. My grandma told me how she wore them to school almost everyday and it was awkward on the bus and in almost every picture of her as a girl she wore them. But i never saw her mother in one. saw her in a few full skits but with no fluff .

  3. Vogue is fashion for rich people. It still is. If you watch movies from the era, the one with the spectacular dresses are playing actresses, rich people, wives and daughters of millionaires, etc, going to parties in NY penthouses, embassies, etc. Not real life at all.

  4. SHOE TALK: The open part of the shoe that dips towards your toes is called a vamp. The tongue of the shoe is like a stomacher for your foot. Hope it helps with your future descriptions

  5. My nan was a young woman in the 50s in post war Britain. She didn't wear anything that looked typically '50s'. In one picture she's wearing a maxi skirt and an off the shoulder top, and honestly would have fitted in walking down the street today. When she started work at 14, she mostly wore a blouse with a skirt suit.

  6. I know a site called topvintage and it's new clothes stylized passed decades, and I think it would be nice if you were to tell us what you think of the clothes there, to see if it's accurate or not ^^ Anyway Amazing video as always and very educational !!

  7. I really love the fashion in Marvelous Ms. Maisel and it just increasingly gets better from season 1 to season 2 imo (idk if its accurate but all the looks are amazing). itd be amazing if you could review them!

  8. The channel Old Time TV is good source material for everyday 50's styles. There are makeup tutorials on there which back up what you said, black eyeliner and bright red lipstick were considered risque according to those videos.

  9. I love American 50s glam, it's just so classy and elegant. My junior prom dress was retro 50s, the skirt was T-length and I wore a crinolyn underneath to poof it out more. And I had a pair of kitten heels to match.
    And I like the toned down style too, it's really cute. Really I love all fashion 1920s-1950s

  10. I've got an interesting idea! Maybe you could do a video in which you check the correctness of the presentation of costumes from a given era in The Vampire Diaries? Because I think it's really interesting was that made well, especially in fact that this is very popular and big-budget series. I think it can be interesting not just for me haha 🙂 What do you think? Could you do something like that?

    PS. Greetings from Poland 😀

    PPS. Właśnie uświadomiłam sobie, że nie musiałam pisać tego po angielsku xD Ale w sumie poćwiczyłam trochę angielski, a jeśli będą inni zainteresowani tym pomysłem spoza Polski to będą w stanie to przeczytać haha :")

    Pozdrawiam 😀

  11. I actually have thought forever that people mistake the Doll Land-style fashions from American retro media in the 70s and 80s ( Greese, Peewee's Playhouse ) for authentic 1950s reproductions when the truth is that they were ridiculously cartoon-ish, kitschy play fashions that more closely resembled silhouettes from the sixties than the fifties. People grew up with that stuff, so I think it evokes a certain feeling of nostalgia for them. Even re-branding it '60s' doesn't make it accurate, but it sure is cute.

  12. The skirt length you are talking about is called "Waltz length." This newspaper clipping does a great job of describing the fabrics and styles worn by a bridal party in 1956 in the US. BTW–it's my mom! You spoke about body size. My mom was tiny. It wasn't just the war, which in the US lead to far less of a nutritional deficit than in Europe. It was also the economic depression that preceded it. The adults in the 1950s, like my mom, were young children when the depression hit. The early deprivation had an impact on their physical development. In the 1950s, she did know a model, and she recalls the woman eating almost nothing. Smoking was another reason for–and method of–keeping slim.

  13. Just a comment on saddle shoes. I grew up in Los Angeles and by about 1955 none of the girls I knew wore saddle shoes. By that time they were for the younger kids. We wore flats or the highest heels our mothers would allow!

  14. I think the primary issue with perpetuating a lot of the inaccuracies is that rockabilly as a style was popular sort of before "authentic" '50s reenactment fashion really became so, and a lot of people mistakenly took their cues from that (the popularity of the cherry print and the ubiquity of cat-eye glasses being great examples of items where the actual inauthenticity got lost in translation), without realising that rockabilly is actually only 1950s filtered through a lens of *punk*.
    Likely that they also think Grease – which is only '50s as understood from an '80s fashion and behavioural paradigm – was a naturalistic image of that time, also.
    I'm pretty sure that's the origin of a lot of these mistakes. That's my hypothesis, anyway.

  15. I feel like rural fashion was so wildly different in 1930’-1970’s that it’s kind of crazy- and I don’t just mean it’s behind the city fashions by a period of time. I look at pictures of my grandma from 1950 when she was 35 years old and it could not look less like anything from popular fashion or culture from the era.

  16. I grew up in the 50s and you are pretty close. You are wrong about woman being thin and not fleshy. Ordinary women were pretty full figured. Also your comment about not many people wearing the fluffy petticoats. Younger women like college and high school students would not be seen with a flat or straight skirt. Almost everyone wore some version or a pony tail even older women or a short "Italian" cut. The colored eye shadows were not popular with regular women until the 60s. All of this is in the US.

  17. I think it was the silhouette of the clothes that gave the illusion of a fuller, hour glass figure. And now those styles are embraced by women with fuller figures because it's flattering.

    When I think of the 50s I instantly think of pointy boobs. The bras just seemed to give everyone an unnatural shape.
    For clothing i think of: Shirt dresses, house coats, A line skirts, Peter Pan collars, kitten heels, loafers & slides, A line shawl collar coats, hats & gloves, minimal jewelry, short hair worn very "done"

  18. I think the petticoats mightve been a younger person thing then? Or regional? My grandma and her sister had 13 crinoline skirts, and when they wore skirts, they wanted to wear all 13 crinolines underneath at once, and would fight over who could wear them.

  19. I’m from America and I feel like most America think that all of history began in the 50s, with a few civil and revolutionary war facts thrown in. Mainly because all we learn in school is black history.

  20. Can you review Agent Carter fashion (the principal characters) (about hair, outfits, shoes) ? I really would like to hear your opinion about it since it's 1950's time.

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