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I know from experience that the $50 Billion Dollar Man pulls no punches.

But even I was shocked by how the Q&A of our Dan Pena movie premiere went down. Dan get’s questioned about Global warming and why people like him and Donald Trump simply seem to not care about this issue. Dan responds with his own answer to the question and claims that global warming is a fraud.

Until now only those who attended the exclusive event saw Dan offer to fight anyone in the room…

…brand climate change complete bullshit…

…and predict which countries Trump would soon bomb back to the stone age.

And now our most explosive conversation ever is available in full.

Watch the $50 Billion Dollar Man set London’s exclusive Curzon Mayfair ablaze as we discuss:

What it really takes for YOU to succeed
His hopes for ME!
Why the banks prove climate change is BULLSHIT
Why you should adopt a Dan Pena attitude to life
What you can learn from his most successful ever student Klaus Kleinfeld
His willingness to fight any two people in the room (at the age of 72)
“Fuckerberg” type leaders
Why London Real is better than Facebook
Relating to psychopaths
The REAL leadership spectrum
Why he embraced social media in the end
Why you should focus on the few not the many
Why he created a Snowflake Test you should take

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  1. Ya the banks are very intelligent. They did see that their money is ain't going to come out from the loans and still they gave and sold bonds to just bring a big a recession. Fro what these guys talk they don't have a basic sense of how the climate is getting extreme every year. More thunderstorms and floods than rains. Could feel it here in india. Keep refusing there is nothing like something called global warming. Its not going to change the fact what is out there. Sea water raising is not the only global warming scenario. Drought and floods with frequency of hurricanes increasing is also one. Use word Drastic Climate change than word global warming

  2. This is the kind of harsh reality check that people need to hear today. You are full of shit sit down and I'll answer you!

  3. Dan Pena thinks we should watch what kind of contracts banks are signing with house buyers in Florida, instead of listening to scientists.

  4. They never want an answer, they just want to go on a monologue rant about several different subjects for 15 minutes, when you start to answer they cut you off. They don't want to answer. They want to preach and complain.

  5. Remember when we had ice ages thousands of years ago? And almost all of it melted, I guess it wasbecause of our trucks and lack of care for the environment why it melted. Oh wait, never mind

  6. I'd love to know what his science background is. Old fuck doesn't have to care about rising sea levels, the old cunt will be sucking satans cock in hell when it happens.

  7. Banks don't care if they lend out mortgages for real estate that might be destroyed because they turn those mortgages into derivative instruments of investment for the market. They get paid multiple what the initial mortgages were worth.. The whole thing is a giant scam!

  8. Whoever thumbs down are the idiots clearly they do no research. Another person to look up is PhD Physicist Dr. Ivar Giaever. Another thing for all you idiots who failed biology. co2 is what plants breath.

  9. This guy is funny.

    Problem with this is: Banks dont give a fuck. They lend imaginary money, and make non stop profit on interest. If people are paying them every month until it were to happen, it would all be profit to them and they want as much of that as possible.

    Not sayin I believe global warming, but I certainly dont trust the banks and their motives…

  10. Suppose for a moment that all this climate change is a fraud.. Why would it be a bad thing to dramatically cut back on petroleum use (a finite resource), cut back on the expanding use of disposable plastics, localize more food production as a way to retain our natural environment.. Would it be a bad thing? Suppose for a moment the dire predictions are true.. Shouldn't we be getting busy?

  11. question : is it possible that the global warming proposal and the push to wean us off fossil fuels is to wean us off the middle east a region with most of the planet's oil ,one democracy, a lot of wars and dictatorships ?
    P.S. What is wrong with a third world country becoming energy self sufficient less money spent on importing fuel more for education and health , Maybe ???

  12. The woman and man both clearly don't know what they're talking about.
    1: it's climate change which results in general warming but not only an average warming everywhere.
    2: when warming happend in the past it was way slower then right now. Slow enough for species to adapt. Right now millions of species go extinct in an alarming rate (6th mass extinction rate).
    When it was to fast (because of meteor strike etc.) huge mass extinctions happend like it is now.
    3: please look into the genera of multiple species. For instance coral bleaching. 60%+ of all corals died. The barrier reaf in Australia is almost totally gone. Alot of tropical mountains got more unstable climate which gave harmfull fungi (chytrid) an adventage and killed almost 100 species of frogs.

    This is all because of us.
    We're the cause of the 6th mass exinction through deforistation and climate change.
    To deny this is like saying an 10x10x10cm box has unlimited space. The earth is limited and we're breaking it.

    Read a book: Climate Change Biology if you want 1000s of scientific backup up evidence and examples.

  13. So, if you have money you're evil and undeserving? I'm poor and I say, more power to you Dan. I'm glad you're rich. Wish I was but that shouldn't stop you from enjoying your good fortune (and hard work).

  14. I agree that global warming is a scam but its not the biggest scam in history. Multiculturalism is…its a massive global scam in order to get rid of white people.

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