Florida Georgia Line – Catching Up With Florida Georgia Line (VEVO LIFT)

Catching Up With Florida Georgia Line (VEVO LIFT): Brought To You By McDonald’s
Vevo LIFT artists Florida Georgia Line give us the inside scoop on new music, touring and life on the road!

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  1. i went to the concert in Columbia, SC and it was the best time of my life!!!!!! Yall are the ones who brought me into country so thank you for that!!!!  I jam out to all of yalls songs everyday!!!! Love yall!!!!

  2. Hay FLG if you get this message you should preform at the mohoning county fair better name for it is the Canfield fair in ohio im shure that a lot of people would come out to see you there and I know I would go to you guys would have a great time the fair has lots of food and rides its a great time.

  3. Amazing songs I listen to every song of yalls and they are always amazing. I cant believe yall are coming to Iowa. Sorry I cant enough tickets. I would love to see yall in person at the fair and talk to yall too. Yall sound soooo cool. Keep makin amazing music.

  4. I made my room the way you guy are because you Hecate amazing and I cannot live without you guy and want to go to your guy concert I bought 2 ticket and I climb out of my bedroom window and I got in my fiend car and drove to the concert but my parent got me and I did not get to go

  5. Please come to the Honda center in Anaheim or Staples center in LA. My friends and I love ya'll and want to go to your guys concert! 🙂

  6. June 21st I'll get to see y'all in concert. I love y'all so much that you will never be able to understand. I WILL meet you guys! Love y'all 😘😘

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