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The Prime Minister’s agreed deal for withdrawing from the European Union is to face a fourth indicative vote, having spectacularly failed at the last three attempts. It’s the Eddie the Eagle of parliamentary proposals, except people liked Eddie the Eagle.

Former Speaker of the House of Commons, Betty Boothroyd, has put her view on why any deal should be put back to the people, and she makes a powerful case.

“My quality of life is not going to be disturbed. It’s the young people today whose quality of life in a few years time is just going to be deteriorating. It is up to them to make decisions about the future of this country and where we go.”

“I saw war-torn Europe and what extremism, what Fascism had done to it. I fought the national front in West Bromwich. I know what they’re like. We can all do it, we’re not cowards. It is not a country of cowards.”

Naturally, not everyone was happy with her take on things.

But the overwhelming response has been positive. These are the five comments that encapsulate the pro-Betty reactions.





The wonderful historian, Simon Schama, had this to say about her.


They could put that on pay-per-view and it would fund the NHS.

Source: People’s Vote UK

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