A School Told This Teen Her Dress Was Distracting The Boys – But Her Dad’s Response Was Perfect

It’s the moment every teenage schoolgirl dreads: a teacher or principal calling her out for an outfit deemed inappropriate by school wardrobe guidelines. Perhaps she’s brought to the front of the room for the teacher to examine her clothing length, with a ruler held at her shorts’ hem to see how long they are. A principal may even pluck her from the hallways on her way to class as the other students look on. No matter what the situation is, though, the experience is traumatizing.

And it only gets worse when blazing temperatures send girls straight into their summer wardrobes. After all, short shorts and thin-strapped tops can be a one-way ticket to the principal’s office. And at most schools, every inch of a female student’s wardrobe is up for this type of debate.

So when one 13-year-old girl showed up to school in a romper on August 28, 2017, she was doing so because it was hot outside. Her parents knew this, too. But then her school accused her of distracting the boys with her summer wear. Her dad didn’t appreciate the insinuation at all, however. And, as a result, he turned the tables on his daughter’s school by crafting a stunning response to its dress code.



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  1. What is shown in those photos is inappropriate, spaghetti straps should never be allowed in school and she is to tall for that short romper as it was called. I would never have allowed any child I know to dress like that for school. My own, family, friends, or others.

  2. I'd like to see what the dress code is for the boys. Do they get to wear tank tops? Do they get to wear shorts? Do they get to wear clothing which highlights their body parts? What about students who do not have the money to buy new wardrobes to fit the school's guidelines? Will the school be providing the "appropriate" clothing? The one thing which would solve all of this would be to make students wear uniforms. This would ensure that all students would be meeting the guidelines, and that poorer families would be able to provide uniforms for their children (or be able to access a fund/scholarship for those who cannot pay.

  3. My daughter was also to the nurse while I was called to bring another shirt. I knew what she wore to school that morning I didn’t know what the problem was until I got there. It was the end of the year she was wearing a tank top which is allowed. They’re not allowed to wear spaghetti straps, tanks ok. My daughter has long hair. During recess she put her hair in a ponytail and part of her bra strap was showing. When I got to the school I was livid at their complaint. I was also lectured about the boys. My response was…” that’s a problem for the boys parents not hers nor mine”.

  4. My school had a dress code a lot of the girls never followed it and the teachers rarely cared and a lot of the guys broke the dress code including me I almost always wore a sleeveless shirt and wore a hat and only one teacher cared and she didn’t right me up but I just put a coat on until i left her class and then I took it off as for the girls at my school they used to were short shorts short dress that would ride up and show a lot most of the teacher didn’t care . And if they did the girls would raise hell with the teacher and the principal I Went to a very upscale and rice school district and upscale and rich area to live and the girls usually got their way and but we’re just asked to not wear that again and that was the end of it . And I was lucky that even tho my teachers said you know you aren’t sopose to wear a sleeveless shirt it’s against dress code they never wrote me up and he’ll the principals all knew I did as did the security guards and they never wrote me up . And I’m all the time I was in high school only one person I know and saw got written up for how she dressed and it was because her butt was hanging out and her shirt was 3 sizes too small and she kept having to pull her shirt up . And I know if a few girls who say their were written up but most of the people who should have been written up were not so I guess you could Say my school was easier on the dress code for both parties but it still singled out girls more then us guys

  5. I definitely think this is wrong.
    However, I also think that the United States should follow the example of several other countries and require a school uniform. I had to wear a school uniform almost every day of my school career except for college. In all honesty the uniforms were a big help and made things a lot easier and in college I often wished that we still had a uniform to wear. It is not the end of the world and you can still show your unique personality and even if you can't show your personality as much as you would like, it's just for the school day hours. When not at school you can dress in whatever you want.
    Like I said I still think this dress code stuff is wrong. I know that I would likely get into a lot of trouble for violating the dress code with my wardrobe, especially in the spring and summer.

  6. I wonder if this school has decided to do uniforms now that this father went so far to publicly expose this school for something that is probably in every single school across America. Geez why go nuts over such a small matter. Sometimes we have to follow the rules. I mean every job she gets will ask the employees to dress appropriately. She has to understand that too.

  7. I liked how the kids dressed in the 1940s and 50s. Even in college you have students showing up in pajamas. I was actually made fun of because I would come to class dressed in professional attire. After having to wear a military uniform for 8 years I couldn't fathom going to college classes in pajamas. If you are going to classes to earn a professional degree, wouldn't you want to dress the part?

  8. Great job dad…hell if the father approves of her dress what does the school had to do with it.. they should make sure the kids don't get Bullied and Teach them to be successful.

  9. Although some of these outfits were not revealing, I can see how they would distract an overly perverse student body. However, these girls could have worn summer dresses without any bra straps showing and knee length or near knee length. I agree with school on girls clothing. However, I disagree with the school on boys clothing as the school apparently lets boys break the rules. Furthermore, these girls do appear to be trying to get attention but are not old enough to deal with sexual attention which can lead to sexual situations.

  10. Stay there all schools should have a dress code for the boys and girls We make sure our kids addressed profit before they leave the house that's why all school should have dress codes

  11. What "stunning response"? Didn't catch that part?

    Anyway – the dress code is partly for safety. Young girls whom don't yet know the effects they are having on ravaged-by-hormones boys or catching the eyes of a weirdo. In this day and age, boys ARE different in mental health. In years gone by, boys had a more controlled respectful restraint imposed on them by proper parenting! Now awful crimes happen and a young guy can blame it on a whole host of excuses. The father here is a bit strange to be fighting to let his daughter wear rompers. Looking cute and summery can be one thing – but there does have to be a safe line designed to be in a girl's best interests.

  12. The girls should have banded together, & made sure that the most popular boy of the class who went against the dress code by wearing his hat all day be called out for the same reason that this girl was.

  13. Your dress is too short. When i went to school we had to put our arms down to are side and the shorts could only be 3 inches above our hands. But also when i was younger 13 teen year olds weren't having babies either! Only the trashy girls…im not saying that about the girl in the pic. She looks like a nice girl. But thats it shes a young girl. I wouldnt want men looking at my child. Girls… Get guys attention with your brain and being funny and nice. Not showy. Thats just my opinion.

  14. They have dress codes in order to teach what is the proper way to dress on the proper occasion! You should dress accordingly to the occasion. You should also dress appropriately for school. I don't agree with the dad who says his daughter dresses like that because it's hot outside. Every building every school everywhere has air-conditioning and it's usually freezing inside so that is no excuse. To me she was dressing like she what's going to hang out in her bedroom rather than out in public. School is not the place to express your way of dressing. They have rules that should be followed. Also, a distraction to the boys!? Give me a break! I think the boys should be taught to control their sexual urges! I think they should be taught to reign in their penis. So basically what the guidance counselor was saying is your daughter's way of dressing in such a sexual manner are giving the young boys including me a hard on! Kind a like the Muslims beliefs that a woman should be covered in a black head to toe Burka because if they expose themselves even their face to men it could incite a sexual urge from a man so the woman has to suffer by covering her self completely so that the men won't be sexually distracted by them!

  15. Dress code is important however that was not handled appropriately I’ve seen girls wearing revealing clothes but how about boys whole asses hanging out children need to dress like children not adults regardless if boys are distracted or not is not the issue it is dress code only boys get away with everything go figure!Girls are always targeted!

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