Decorating Tips- Decorating My Girls Shared Room on a Budget

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My girls shared room was a joy to put together and we stuck to a relatively small budget to make it beautiful.

Here are some links to products that were used:

kea Hanging Stuffed Toy Organizer:
Large Ikea Storage Bins:
Ikea Shelving Unit:
Damask Silk Curtains:

Our major purchase was the Ikea shelving which we used as a room divider, but this was still an inexpensive option compared to building a wall!

This Paris inspired room was easy to decorate because I stuck to a black and white and aqua theme! No worries if things matched!

The curtains were from JYSK but any patterned black and white curtains would work!

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  1. I’m just saying that when you say in the beginning how small their bedroom is, my cousins (one 10 and one 13) have to share a room which is probably not even the size of your pantry and they have to have bunk beds and they can’t even get the bunk beds out to redecorate it so I’m just saying that that bedroom is actually a really decent size and I think that you’re really fortunate your children have that sized bedroom

  2. I would hate this, there is no privacy. And like you were saying in the begining about them being cramped together. This is the same situation, little space and very limited privacy. After 8-9 y/o they need more space and more privacy.

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