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It doesn’t take a cape to be a superhero. Check out these real life superheroes who took time out of their lives to help out their fellow people.
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  1. there was a little girl getting bullied by some older boys asnd the boys were beating her up so i went over 2 them and said fu*k u and i got punched but then i kicked the guy in the head and then the girl became my girlfriend and then it al came down 2 me being cool and having a hot girlfriend

  2. Nicest thing I've ever done? Well, when my wife's mother had a massive brain tumor removed, I stepped in to serve as her caregiver when everyone else was pushing for her to go to a hospice (to die). They said she'd live about 6 months, tops. She also has a disabled son, who I serve as caregiver for too. This was over 3 years ago…and she is not only alive and kicking, but I managed to nurse her back to health. Hell, she'll probably outlive me now, and she gets to be actively involved in my son's life as well.

  3. There was a very old lady at the grocery store standing in the aisle and asking for help. She must have been incontinent because she clearly smelled of  urine from 3 feet away. Not only did I help her with her question, but stayed and talked with her for a few minutes. She was a very nice and intelligent lady. But you could tell that people probably judged her and maybe did not treat her well just because of her problem.

  4. I am a Fire fighter actually. A house was on fire and the wife and 2 kids were trapped in the house. i was told not to go in but if it were my kids i would. so i went in without order and my buddy came with me. we saved them all. and that made me feel very proud of myself.

  5. that dog was all like



  6. I know that cable can hold more then those two  but…. shit. I wouldn't feel safe. I've seen these break at half the "estimated" strength.

  7. i've saved a dog, people, and a world never litterd i love everyone including you
    so i say we have all done nice things so why don't all of you just do nice thing's more
    god will not like it if you'r mean so just be nice to the world ok and to people

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