Nigel Farage’s comment about an imaginary African election was a huge self-own The Poke

Nigel Farage has been a very busy bee recently, with the launch of his new party – the Brexit Party – and the obligatory bus unveiling – not that bus, a blue one. He did, however, find time in his packed schedule to compare the Brexit delay to *checks notes* the imaginary annulment of a random African country’s election.

Nigel Farage having a totally normal one, there. Where one of his wild statements goes, surely the takedowns must follow?

Former Leave campaigner Oliver Norgrove answered Farage’s question.

His tweet was a bit of a self-own.

It was also a terrible example to use.

Artist, Anton Newcombe, had a technicality he needed clarifying.

We’ll post an update if he ever gets a satisfactory reply.

H/T: Indy100

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