Easy DIY Concrete Room Decor

BONUS VIDEO! As we wrap up our Quikrete partnership from last year, I wanted to add some simple concrete DIY’s that any of you can do! Today we are exploring three DIY projects you can do in one day. We have about four more DIY Quikrete projects from now until May so you will have a plethora of DIY concrete projects to try! Stay rad xx.

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This post is sponsored by QUIKRETE but all opinions are my own.

Written by Yaipoo


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  1. I LOVE the leaf idea! I have saved quite a few huge leaves from my yard because I wanted to do something with them but I didn’t know what yet. This is perfect!!

  2. I do not how to get rid of the bubbles but I think mixing colours while making the concrete would give it an attitude. Then by painting the bubble hole with some other colour would make some interesting texture. Since it can never be planned, all bubble holes will be different each time, making the whole thing look more organic.

  3. Oh, I just had an awesome idea…I wanted to get some nice, heavy pattern weights for a while know…why not make them from concrete? I even have those nice, big icecube forms you used. No idea, why I bought those…who needs icecubes that size??

  4. Love project #3 the best, especially the wooden candleholder. But I don't have that tool, so would have to chisel the wood by hand. It will be so worth it.

  5. We’re small youtubers hoping to grow our channel 🙏🏼

    Any active youtubers want to help grow?🙏🏼🥳💛🤞🏻

  6. I love the great ideas!! I really like the coasters and the candle holders! There are so many different silicone ice cube tray designs out there that you could make some gnarly designs! Yup, I said 'gnarly', as I grew up in the 80's!!! Hahaha! TFS!

  7. Wow you gave me a heart attack watching you cut that small piece and using your hand to hold it in place… find a clamp or make some hold down jig with sand paper… I'm not an internet troll lol just concerned, love the leaf thing by the way

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