A list of rules ironically made this woman the hen party guest from Hell The Poke

You know that saying, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”, well that only really applies if there’s any fun being had in Vegas. When one woman badgered her way into a hen outing to Sin City, she set about making sure it would be totally fun-free with a bizarre list of rules she emailed to the group.

Someone named UrsulaIMeanVanessa shared the story on Reddit, where she first provided a bit of background information …

This is the email sent by Taylor.

Now, we’re not suggesting people should be running around getting drunk and taking drugs, largely because you might bump into something and spill your drink, but it very much seems to us like she’s just a massive killjoy. It seemed that way to Redditors, too.

citrussuckingsunshine posted this wonderfully sarcastic comment.

However, someone put forward this delicious possibility and we really hope they’re right.


H/T: someecards

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