This passive-aggressive exchange in a café is up there with the best soap storyline The Poke

We’ve all seen exchanges in public that caught our attention and had us dawdling at the shop window or staying on the bus a little longer, just so we wouldn’t miss the end. Comedian, Stuart Laws, was a first-hand witness to one such astonishing scene of unnecessarily problematic behaviour in a café, and he kindly shared the drama with Twitter.

He instantly spotted the trouble in store:

There was no reason for the woman to have chosen the occupied table as a repository for the dirty crockery.

Of course, the second woman wasn’t going to put up with it.

The original troublemaker doubled down on the odd behaviour.

Poor Stuart looked likely to be dragged into the ridiculous exchange.

Instead, a staff member had to step in.

He was still called upon to act as a witness for the prosecution.

It looked like it was all over.

But it wasn’t …

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