This hilarious Australian estate agency listing is like a terrible 80s music video The Poke

It’s important for businesses to have a unique selling point. Krispy Kreme makes its donuts [sic] with more flavours and toppings than other brands, Coca-cola has a secret recipe (and a massive Christmas truck) and Ryanair makes passengers weigh their eyelashes and charges them extra – no theory is perfect.

LJ Hooker Bankstown Real Estate in Sydney, Australia, has found a way to stand out from the crowd by *checks notes* recording a video with a moody soundtrack and interpretive dance to sell a luxury house. This is how that looks in real life …

YouTube users had a few things to say about it – none of them complimentary.

Writer, Stephanie H Convery, shared the video on Twitter …

…where the comments were in much the same vein.

Film critic, Jason Di Rosso, had a suggestion.

He may have a point.

H/T: Guardian

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