The Mummy Diaries: Viewers rejoice as Sam Faiers and Paul Knightley share bed

Mummy Diaries viewers rejoiced after Sam Faiers and Paul Knightley got into bed together [ITV ]

The Mummy Diaries viewers rejoiced after Sam Faiers and Paul Knightley got into bed together for the first time in several years.

The couple, who share two children together, haven’t shared a bed since welcoming their daughter Rosie together over a year ago.

Sam, 27, and Paul, 29, have been co-sleeping with their children and have been trying to make both little Paul and Rosie sleep in separate rooms.

Sam and Paul climbed into bed together after co-sleeping for over a year  [ITV ]

Sam Faiers takes son Paul to bed for him to sleep alone for the first time  [ITV ]

In Wednesday’s Mummy Diaries the couple finally succeeded and got back into bed together for the first time.

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Sam confessed to cameras: “I thought this night would never come. Me back in my own bed with Paul, chilling out, no babies. It does feel good… 

“It’s nice just to cuddle up to him unless its a holiday or we have a night off somewhere. We haven’t done this for years.”

Sam and Paul share a kiss in bed as their children sleep in separate rooms [ITV ]

Paul Knightley gushed over his other-half in a rare romantic post Paul Knightley and Sam haven’t shared a bed together since before their daughter Rosie was born  [Paul Knightley/Instagram ]

But the moment of triumph didn’t last for long, as Paul began to cry, leaving Sam to crawl back into his small bed for the night.

The mother-of-two said: “It wasn’t horrendous. He did wake up 4 times in the night. I was hanging off that little single bed trying to comfort him and every time I was creeping out about an hour later he would creep in again…

“It got to 5 in the morning and I couldn’t take it anymore so I caved in. For a first attempt I feel like it wasn’t too bad but I did cave”.

Sam Faiers and Paul Knightley are a family of four after welcoming baby Rosie in NovemberSam Faiers and Paul Knightley are a family of four after welcoming baby Rosie in November 2017 [Sam Faiers/Instagram]

The scene come after Sam opened up on her romance with Paul, saying the sleeping arrangement doesn’t alter her sex life.

When asked if the couple sharing their bed with their son affected their love life, Sam said: “No, because Big Paul goes to bed at 1 am so I’m fast asleep by the time he comes anyway!”

She added that when they want to get down to it they do, “as and whenever she fancies it.”

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