The Funniest Chav Fails #1 – The Types Of Chav

Chavs : The Biggest Assholes In The U.K

*Re-uploaded and edited as Some one tried to have it taken down, clearly some chavs don’t want this video up, Like and share to prove them wrong!*

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  1. Jeremy Kyle (England)=Jerry Springer (USA)…only here in the US, they are called "rednecks" or my favorites "trailer trash" or "white trash"…SCUM of the earth either way…

  2. Thought you was going to explain where the name came from….. Let me fill you in….. The word chav was created by the british police in the late 90's early 2000s….. It literally means….. Council House and Violent……. No need to thank me lol

  3. So i've been living in the UK for a while now and I have a serious question to which nobody has given me a serious answer… Who dafuck likes grime ?

  4. Here in the USA we call them Wiggas because as was defined online on the slang dictionaries, one of the British citizens posting there says they are white who think they are black people because they value rappers/hiphop and dress in that same manner rapping on the street and acting like they will one day become rich as the rappers they like (who are all black rappers) here in the USA though they don't just dress in sportsware all the time they dress in the name brands that their favorite rappers talk about in their songs. Also, sometimes they are called rednecks but that doesn't fit anymore as the children of rednecks have joined their friends and peers in focusing solely on rap music and modern hiphop culture rather than country music.

  5. So, there’s a similar thing in sweden called ”orten” and they are groups with ppl from the middle east (because immigration) and swedes who want to be like them, they act the same as chavs tho and im sorry that my english isnt that good errrrrrr

  6. It's ironic that so many middle class celebrities imitate them like Lilly Allen. I guess it's their devil may care attitude that people are fascinated by, or at least that's what I think. But I think the devil may care attitude is a cover up for a lot of childhood issues so it's hardly anything to imitate.

  7. Ahahah this is hilarious. When I first came in the UK there was a group of them. I slapped two of them and a guy's girl started screaming and called the police. I think they're just mentally retarded, more like attention whores. Time is precious, wasting your breath on them is just sad.

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