Rudeboy – Reason With Me [Official Video]

Music video by Rudeboy performing Reason With Me [Official Video]. Rudeboy Records

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Written by Yaipoo


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  1. Rude boy and Mr. P who Is who? We need The P. Square pls I can't enjoy this, it's boring you guys are making me cry come together now…….. I wanna be happy!

  2. Rudeboy, what were you expecting? You wanted her to die in poverty with you? Look, a strong man will go struggle, like in your story, and come back for his woman. That's what makes a man, brother. Remember, her leaving you was the motivating factor you needed to succeed. Help her, if you can. I wish the story ended with your forgiving her.

  3. Why i love this is that it is not just a message to a man and woman relationship. It also relate to a man and people who despised and distanced him because he has not broken through financially. But when he finally become financially successfull people will now start coming closer to him to reason with him. Anytime any day this song is a blessing to humanity. Rudeboy is called to do great things. Thats whats up.

  4. I have been repeating this song again and again crying like a toddler bcos the story matched with my life experiences. More grease to your elbow King Rudeboy. You made my day and I must pay you homage in person for vindication I got from this song. You are God sent… respect bro

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