Palestinians: What will happen to the Israelis when you take back Palestine of 1948 (Israel)?

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  1. Some day there will be NO RELIGION. Some day people will speak ONE LANGUAGE. If along with these two, there is an end to poverty worldwide and LIFE on the planet is no more threatened by distruction caused by deliberate actions of stupid humans, there will be peace. But it will take centuries, or even millenia for this to happen and meanwhile we have all the time in the world to go on slaughtering each other for our BLOODY ''GOD'' and our FUCKING ''PROPHETS'' and our ''blood and honor'' and our ''race'' and all that SHIT ! And to fucking hell with everything else !

  2. Feminists: "If women were in power, there would be no wars."
    Feminists: "Islam is a religion of peace."
    Muslim Woman: "When we take back Palestine, all Jews will be destroyed."

  3. This is like asking the victim: will you be friends with your torturer once you’re free?
    What happened to Jews during the reign of the caliphs? They lived many places and weren’t treated the way they treat Muslims today. What would happen to them once Palestine is retaken? Nothing. They would stay where they stay. Except that they wouldn’t be able to do shit like throwing people out of their homes or harming Muslims. We are not you.

  4. You know… There is this book…. filled with many books of old about Jehovah given the land to the Jews…. I don't think there is any excuse of not knowing what it says.

  5. There is no justification for occupying a land illegally, imprisoning n killing children n controling n bombing a strip! All these are against basic human rights for Palestinians!

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