Louisiana Cajun/Creole accent, dialect, customs

To hear another Cajun/South LA Accent watch the link below!!!
Here is link to the movie “Shy People”, which is set in LA, skip to the 6:40 mark, you can tell that the Sherriff Petijean must be a local bc his accent is true, listen to his accent in comparison to the main actors in the movie. SEE BELOW

Just scratching the surface on our many dishes, phrases, customs, and heritage.

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  1. In ( THE Bahamas ) we speak
    english – give me that
    Gimme dat
    stab- jook
    chop- chap
    that is – das
    mother- ma
    i will- i ga
    Das ya ma
    that is your mother
    Nassau, bahamas

  2. Of all the states considered part of the South (USA), I have never yet visited the Commonwealth of Virginia, or the Pelican/Bayou State. Here in Indiana, we got a few restaurants that are Cajun or Lousiana-style (Popeye's® don't count), though….😶

  3. One of my fave comic book characters in Marvel Comics is the X-Man Gambit (the Ragin' Cajun)….when he asked this young girl where her parents were, she thought he was asking about where her pants were, lol….😆

  4. A couple of questions. 1. Anybody here seen the movie "Southern Comfort" (1981)? If so, can you identify what region of LA this takes place in? In the movie, there are also several incidents of Cajun people speaking (some in French), so I figured y'all might be able to identify the region based on the accents (and maybe the scenery). 2. Is Popeye's Chicken "real" Cajun food or just wanna-be? Any suggestions on food chains/restaurants that serve the real deal? 3. I really enjoyed the Cajun music played in the final scene of "Southern Comfort" and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on labels/musicians etc that play REAL Cajun music like you might hear at a house party like the one in the movie. It might be easy for outsiders like me to be fooled into thinking fake shit is the real deal. Merci!

  5. Love it. Cajun French would be quite easy to get, except for "catin". Here, in France, this word is pretty much derogatory and vulgar and old-fashioned. It's more or less "bitch, whore". La mam'selle is one pronunciation for mademoiselle (miss). In my region, it used to be the dragonfly, too. You see, Acadians may live thousands of kms away, but we still share a common language… Nice video. Thank you.

  6. not sure if you'll see this, but do you still live in louisiana? all my life I've lived here and I would hear people and understand them no problem, but then whenever people from out the state hear me talk, or other Louisianans talk, they kind of find it hard to understand. I cant say how many times I've had people look at me confused when i say i would want a po boy or something

  7. I don’t get why ppl are hating on these accents. These are legit accents 😂 I’m from Louisiana. I don’t have an accent but my grandpa has a south Louisiana accent and my aunt has an Acadian accent. These people don’t know lol

  8. Sorry the whole French creole thing sounds like rednecks trying to be fancy. You know if they went back to France speaking like that, France would be like that’s why we don’t support you. Not because we are complete pussies😂

  9. New Orleans levees were built by people from Brooklyn. They brought the new york accent with them, and changed the language when they stayed. Their children learned speaking from them, and so on down the line.

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