HOW RUSSIANS REALLY LIVE – APARTMENT tour, Russian food, shops

Real Russian life as it is – I spent 25 years of my life in Russia. Will give you a tour of a REAL apartment and we’ll try Russian food.
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  1. Nice video! I haven't been in Russia for last 15 years. It's so nice to refresh my memories! BTW Maria speaks English with clear American accent 🙂 I thought she is American girl until I read the description for the video.

  2. This isn`t accurate since people living in the russian country side are very poor & live in scruffy ramshackles far from the Moscow military parades red square propaganda they usually show from russia.

  3. Great video and well done . I loved your apartment . I should really like to visit SPB again . I was there in 1983 when Chernenko was first secretary . Real Cold War then . I stayed in a hotel called the Prebaltiskaya . I really was in awe of Leningrad at that time . What was the name of that up market restaurant chain ?

  4. дорого, Питер конечно(туристы все дела), но морс за 200р? я не готов столько платить. я не жадный, просто это слишком.

  5. Russian people are generally good people but for some reason their leaders seem to forget this fact. I don't really know what Putin is really like but I've heard accounts from credible sources (seemingly) that he has no viable political competition for reasons that seem dubious at best. But I have even briefly lived with Russian fellows and they seemed like nice guys who are hard workers who won't turn a shot of vodka (or more),a cold beer and a good smoke. We really are all the same. It would be nice to end this cold war crap because we really do have much more in common than we have differences.

  6. Are pets (cats ) frequently seen in restaurants ?
    That is not permitted in the U.S.
    Thanks for the video, St. Petersburg is a beautiful city.

  7. There were so many things I liked about what you showed. First, the washing machine is in the kitchen, so you can keep an eye on your washing while you cook and not have to walk away from your stove to unload the washing. Second, the toilet has cupboards for the toilet paper – I LOVE this! Very clean! Third, the books are covered with plastic. I like this – I do the same to my remote controls which I've had for years. (I even leave the plastic covering on my phone screen lol). Fourth, you get freebies on the street (hopefully not just if you're beautiful like you). Fifth, Russians seem to be cat lovers – yay! And the scenery looks spectacular. Plus, your video is very engaging and funny – I loved that workman bubble you had move across the screen instead of taking our attention away from your main point – haha! Also, I love your English, it's very good. Please keep your Russian accent and don't get that awful Americanised vocal fry lots of young women have – that's what I love about Russian women, that they can speak well without croaking. Thanks for the upload, very nice video! 🙂 <3

  8. It's amazing how much the people from all walks of life, from different countries, are so similar and kind. I wish our government's would both think, and run their country, as if they were normal citizens. The world would be a much better place. When I was young in a catholic grade school in the early to mid 1960's, we were taught and practiced bomb drills, and they drilled it in our heads that the Russians were bad people. Of course, over time, most of us learned this was not true. It is our governments, our politicians. Sometimes they just seem hell bent on war, or meddling in other countries business. Maybe one day, the average American's will run our government, and average Russians will run Russia, and we would all get along and peosper much better. Peace.

  9. что за бред!?! Of course Russia and Ukraine have living rooms. If its 2 bedroom, its just a living room and a separate room, that is all! Misleading people much?! I was born in the Soviet union times and have lived in Russia till 2002..I'm pretty sure I know what I'm talking about…

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