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Divorce Iranian Style (1998) not only breaks stereotypes of what Iranian women are like, and what their life is like, but also for the fact it was made at all. British filmmaker Kim Longinotto joins dir. Ziba Mir-Hosseini to create an intimate look into the lives of 3 women, all vying for divorce in a society where men dominate.

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Written by Yaipoo


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  1. I'm MORE THANKFUL THAN EVER that I was born an American and MORE DETERMINED THAN EVER to make sure those idiots NEVER get the control in our Country that they're so desperate to have!

  2. except for the first older lady, the other two seemed like they were the ones at fault, how they were publicly embarrassing their husbands. Except for the nikkah part they are like western women,not happy with a single man

  3. Haq-e-meher or marriage gift to a woman as promised during the wedding is must! she cant let it go or it to be used by the husband. In islam its compulsary to give the money or property to the woman as her first role in islam is not that of a bread-earner.

  4. This is weird! I am a Muslim and I can assure this is not right especially "You have to make yourself pretty to win him back" She doesn't want him dude, divorce her end of story! I am not sure where they get those laws!

  5. This man is laying he just remove his wife frome his life maybe he knows another women and the low in iran always standing behind the women and the men's can't get another marriage without tacking a permetion frome his wife and as you evrey body knows the wife cannot accept another women in her life as the Arab people do
    The man in iran always looking for the most bad reason to
    Divorce his wife and alas it's the only way .
    So look at the poor old wife . Did her shape looks like a woman looking for a relation ship .
    Shame on this bad husband
    His a big layer .

  6. Ziba with her random accusation is nuts. Just keep tossing them and badger her husband. Of course her family is even battier by arranging a marriage when she was 15.

  7. this is why i EFFING DESPISE shites!!!!! I CANT STAND THOSE MUFUQAS!!!! they flip everything for the convenience of men. EFF those godforsaken bastards!!!!

  8. If girls reach puberty then they can marry … 😤😤……
    How stupid even just by hearing it ..and this is a counties law ..then the law should be changed .
    But if that's religious law then change the illogical god ..
    God don't want little girl to be mother from age 9 ..

  9. I remember very well those events of 40+ years ago…  What did these morons think was going to happen when they overthrew their rightful Imperial Government in favour of so many uneducated, ignorant, backwards, small-minded, evil clerics?

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