13 Easy Yet Useful Beauty Hacks And More DIY Lipstick And Lip Art Ideas

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Watch our new video about a lip-art challenge with unusual lip balms and lipsticks!

Supplies and tools:
• Lipstick and lip gloss
• Headband
• Magnets
• Hot glue gun
• Clear lip gloss
• Pipette
• Cosmetic pigment that glows under UV light
• Wooden stick
• Sequins
• Knife
• Toothpick
• Temporary tattoos
• Face paint
• Vaseline
• Glitter
• Lip balm
• Candle
• Box with cells
• Sponge
• Wire
• Light clay
• Silicone stamps
• Small chess piece
• Palette with lip colors
• Acrylic paint
• Awl
• Spoon
• Eyeshadow
• Beeswax
• Shea butter
• Almond oil
• Highlighter
• Empty eyeshadow palette
• Gel nail polish base
• UV lamp
• Gold leaf
• Gel polish top coat

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  1. troom troom rants: craft 1: if the qween posted this on the internet, why dint other pepole come? If you wore that crown in puplic pepole would think ur insane. Craft 3: Why cant u get pink lip gloss? thats pink glitter not pink "pigment' craft 3: Ur wasting so much lipstick. How are you sposed to put it on ur lips? Lippe? Whats a lippe? Craft 4: even with the glitter thats still not odd. that has nothing to do with the craft. U shouldent be putting tattos on ur lips. craft 5 Is that paint!? U dont put paint on ur lips!! Craft 6: cosmetic glitter? cells? it boxes! Why would u use this hack? this is not helpful and it dosent seemm uslful. Craft 7: why do u need stamps? Why are u decroating the lip palet? that dose not look "amizing" Craft 8: THIS IS BAD DO NOT DO THIS U ARE ADFRITSING UR CHANNLE STAP!D!!! f*&% troom troom. Craft 9: Why is this highligter? its sposed to be chapsitck. Why are all the steps to decorate the palet here? Ur lips do not look presouse. like for mor rants

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