This little boy’s career as a hairdresser was cut short when his mum caught him The Poke

You have to have eyes in the back of your head when you have young kids – if you’re not careful, they’ll find your stash of biscuits and then where will you be? If things go really wrong, they might do themselves harm or, in the case of one youngster, ruin their own and their little sister’s and brother’s hairstyles.

We found out about Stephanie Plucknette’s son Teddy’s adventures in hairdressing via his uncle, Ian Hagadorn, on Twitter.

Just look at the numbers on that.

The viral post also attracted a great many comments.

There was a lot of praise for Stephanie’s handling of the situation, which was definitely parenting done right.

There was also much hilarity about the damage done to Eloise, little Fred and to Teddy himself.

In case you were wondering what happened next – it was this.

They look pretty happy about it. I’d lock that shaver away, if I were Stephanie.

Source: Stephanie Plucknette on Instagram
H/T: Ian Hagadorn on Twitter

Credit: Source link

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