The KM Seaboard Ensemble Performs "ROLIWood"

Students from the KM Music Conservatory in Chennai put together a mashup of our favorite Hollywood and Bollywood theme songs – all on the Seaboard RISE!

Written by Yaipoo


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  1. I like to know who are the idiot morons that gave this performance "thumbs down" so I can find them and strangle them with their own umbilical cords!!!

  2. wow!!!!!its so amazing..the young indians performed well… excellent job Roli team… hope this be available here in Oman…the arabs will definitely like this

  3. Very surprised that this video is posted by ROLI. A perfect example of low-level repetition and inefficiency. All work can be done by one player with 2 RISEs and appropriate keyboard layout programming.

  4. VERY Nice!! Would be great if ROLI could do a version of this video with subtitles showing the preset instrument playing and any custom tweaked parameters, effects, etc. Would be extra helpful! 😁

  5. Omg..this is going to change everything about music and how it’s made..This is a beautiful creation.. more than speechless amazed to the highest degree !!!!!!!! Bravo,bravo!!!!!!

  6. One way to make a cool instrument seem a tad uncool!
    Don't do this stuff people it's REALLY BORING,
    Watch Marco Paris playing Jimi Hendrix THEN you'll see the potential of this amazing new instrument.
    Sorry guys I'm just watching vids, this one was well pretty dull lol 😠

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