Pet Store Employee Horror Stories

“Almost immediately, I figured out it’s not what it seems.”


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  1. Who else got furious when hearing her say she got pissed off because that poor creature jumped on her? It was probably feeling sick (as it was shitting yellow matter and blood!) and just wanted some comfort. And she deems the dog "anoying" for doing so?! If you can't handle getting dirty, you shouldn't work with animals in the first place

  2. I worked at a Petsmart for a few years. The thing I hated most was when people would let their dogs pee and poop in the store and they walk away like it wasn't their dog. Whenever I'd catch someone doing that, I'd grab the paper towels and cleaning spray, hand them to the owner and say "I noticed you were looking for these to clean your dogs accident. So here ya go!"

  3. The horror story is the way the animals gets treated ! Mostly the pet stores supplier is the real real horror story. If you don’t like animals or taking care of them then don’t apply at a pet store !!

  4. y'all except too much from pet stores. yes they should take care of the animals but if UR dog comes in, and shits everywhere, YOU clean it up. jesus have manners

  5. I’ve been volunteering doing cat husbandry at my local shelter for about 2years and recently got a job there working with rabbits, rats, hamsters, and birds and other critters and honestly I could care less about the poop and alll that I love animals so much. Also I’m concerned if she was finding blood in the dogs stool constantly 🙁 that’s not a good sign . And it sucks that they didn’t spay and neuter the rabbits .

  6. If a snake latches on a good tip is to run its head under warm water because if you pull it could rip their fangs and the fangs will be stuck in your skin

  7. As someone who worked in animal rescue, this video was mainly disappointing and alarming that someone clearly didn’t care about the wellbeing of the dogs. They’re in cages and that’s their only home.

  8. People in the comments need to stop judging the girls like their evil, they did not own the pet shops and one was only 15 at that time.
    But yes these pet shops don’t take good care of their animals, it’s really sad.

  9. Rabbit moms don’t eat their babies… that’s a rodent mother thing, and rabbits are not rodents (they’re lagomorphs). Nevertheless, no newborn animal should be removed from their mother, even if thy may eat them. Also hamster mothers only eat their babies if they feel they can’t take care of all the babies

  10. Going to a pet store that gets their animals from breeders it is okay, but the breeder has to care about the pets they breed and not just do it for money and sell the store healthy animal.

  11. I work a shelter…. i feel all this. Though the poop… ive gotten used to it. If im at work, there is poop somewhete on me. And bloody poop usually isn't a big deal unlss accompanied by other symptoms. 9 times out 10 though it just means the animal has worms.

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