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A WOMAN claims to be empowering people to express themselves freely, by dressing as a doll with a gothic twist. Jess Soares, known on social media as ‘Rotting Doll’, has been dressing as an alternative doll for over a year and a half. The 24-year-old from Rhode Island usually spends an hour and half getting ready each morning to fulfil her doll aesthetic. The routine consists of wearing coloured contacts, wigs and contouring her face with streaks of blue makeup.

Video Credits:
Videographer / director: Colin Bell
Producer: Martha Hewett, James Thorne
Editor: Marcus Cooper

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  1. If this is considered goth,then I will leave the subculture. Wait no she can have her card revoked because i am a goth POC and an eldergoth racism is not tolerated.

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